AnglingBuzz: Countdown to suspended crappies in summer, Northland Outdoors
The easiest way to catch suspended crappies is to cast-and-swim a 1/16- or 1/32-ounce jig at or slightly above their level. Tiny 1½- to 2-inch plastic grubs, tubes or pre-tied marabou or hair jigs excel for slow, tantalizing sink rates and gentle swimming actions.

After spawning, crappies desert the extreme shallows. As they regroup and school in early summer, they typically relate to the deep outer weedline in natural lakes, or to flooded standing timber in reservoirs.

Crappies often bury within weeds or wood cover during the day, remaining fairly inactive until the low-light period around sunset, when insects begin hatching, and minnows and baitfish begin rising upward to feed on them. This triggers crappies to exit the cover and begin actively feeding.

As they do, crappies often suspend at a comfortable depth level, largely based on water clarity. Sadly, if you’re fishing lures or baits beneath them, your offerings won’t be seen, and you won’t get bit.

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