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AnglingBuzz: The Walleye - Mayfly Connection

While April showers bring May flowers, names can be deceiving. Mayflies, for example, are usually most abundant throughout the northern states in June & July, and often play a key role in early summer walleye fishing.

AnglingBuzz: Supersize! - Use bigger baits to catch bigger pike

Much has been said recently about the overall decrease in the size of northern pike throughout Minnesota in the past 20 years. To combat this trend, the Minnesota DNR is proposing innovative management strategies designed to reduce the numbers of "hammer handle" northerns in many waters, while simultaneously limiting the harvest of larger pike. The end goal is having more big pike available for anglers to catch.

Breeding mallard numbers down, other species up from last year

Minnesota’s breeding mallard population counts are down from last year while other species saw increases, according to the results of the annual Minnesota Department of Natural Resources spring waterfowl surveys.

[VIDEO] AnglingBuzz: Jigging weeds and wood for Largemouth Bass

Shallow weed and wood cover attract largemouth bass throughout the year.

[VIDEO] Locating Catfish in rivers

Channel catfish in rivers relate to current breaks and cover associated with deep holes. Anchor just upstream from key fish attractors and use deadbeat rigs to coax fish into biting.

Minnesota walleye stocking: By the numbers

Anglers are never far from a lake where they can catch walleye in Minnesota. Fish stocking keeps it that way.

AnglingBuzz: Fishing the transition from Spring into Summer

The onset of warm summer weather heralds not only comfortable temperatures for boaters and outdoor lovers, but a similar burst of activity beneath the waves as fish of all species begin exhibiting traditional summer behavior in earnest.

Jigging offshore humps for Smallmouth Bass

[VIDEO] Casting and swimming jigs tipped with soft baits appeals to the tentative nature of post-spawn smallmouth bass. Shallow offshore humps are prime for big fish.

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