Lake of the Woods

The Big Three

Devils Lake, Lake of the Woods and Upper Red Lake — the three biggest American lakes in the region — all are on track to provide good fishing again this winter.

Antlers horn their way into new markets

AKELEY, Minn. -- Antlers, long prized by hunters as a signature trophy of the hunt, are seeing uses that would seem incomprehensible to hunters of days gone by.

Wind greets deer hunters during opener

COTTON, Minn. — Minnesota’s firearms deer opener came whooshing in brisk and breezy Saturday morning. Daylight found Bob Essler of Sauk Center, Minn., in his enclosed deer stand several feet off the ground near Cotton. Even in the sturdy stand, the wind was a factor. “This thing is rockin’,” said Essler, 76. “First time it’s ever done that.”

November muskie excursion on the Ontario side of Lake of the Woods pays dividends after miles of trolling

MORSON, Ontario. — We’d trolled the equivalent of 10,000 casts with only a couple of missed strikes and a full plate of tasty Lake of the Woods scenery to show for our efforts.