The AnglingBuzz: Prespawn Tactics for Largemouth Bass

With weather conditions stabilizing following a turbulent spring, largemouth bass are moving shallow in earnest, feeding aggressively prior to constructing nests for spawning as the water temperature rises above 60 F.

Brad Durick

Catfish excursion on the Red River

DRAYTON, N.D.--Brad Durick watched the screen of his Humminbird Onix 10 depthfinder and saw just enough change in the bottom of the river to convince him to drop the anchor. It wasn't much--a small midriver hole that dropped into about 10 feet of water--but the Grand Forks catfish guide was fishing a stretch of the Red known for its subtleties.

Marsh Lake

Plans aim to bring Marsh Lake closer to what it once was

WATSON, Minn. -- Win Mitchell has been duck hunting on Marsh Lake since 1966 and recalls the days when it was referred to as a duck hunting “mecca,’’ one of the state’s premier destinations.

Ed Picht

It was mom who led him to an outdoor career

Conservation officer led many investigations into fish and game poachings MONTEVIDEO, Minn. -- It was his mother who put in the effort that made the difference, her blunders included.

Becky Magdzas, her partner Eric Gucinski and their son Easton

Turkey hunting for two: 38 weeks into her pregnancy, Becky Magdzas went looking for a gobbler

LAKE NEBAGAMON, Wis. -- If you checked Becky Magdzas' to-do list for the past week or so, you might have found the following items: 1. Shoot a wild turkey 2. Have a baby by cesarean section

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