Ted Dick and his dog Clyde

Walking trails pave the way for bird hunters

TOGO, Minn. — Clyde, a handsome English setter, loped through a stand of young aspen. He was all business. The bell on his collar jingled. His nose sifted the humid October air for the scent of a ruffed grouse or woodcock.

Hunter in the background

Finding funding for pheasant habitat: As annual statewide pheasant season opens, the question of funding habitat improvement will be a highly discussed topic

MITCHELL, S.D. -- Paul Coughlin talks about the landscape in South Dakota as if it were a radiant, elaborate painting.

Yellow-rumped warbler

Huge songbird migration happening in Duluth and along North Shore

DULUTH, Minn. -- Thousands of songbirds, pushed by two days of strong northwest winds, converged along the North Shore and in Duluth on Friday and Saturday, according to reports from counters at Hawk Ridge Bird Observatory in Duluth. Many motorists reported hitting songbirds along Minnesota Highway 61.