Walleye Shutdown? Mille Lacs Lake catch nearing walleye limit

Mille Lacs Lake is nearing its limit for walleye fishing,The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources announced Tuesday. A creel survey conducted last week on estimated walleye harvests, releases and kill on Mille Lacs Lake during the first two weeks of July showed drastic increases that could result in the state reaching the limit by July 29, the DNR said in a release.

AnglingBuzz: Fishing the comfort zone of deep summer pike

Once early-summer water temperatures in the shallows reach about 70 F, big pike seem to disappear. In effect, they head to deeper, cooler water, suspending above or inside summer thermoclines, lying across basins, or shifting toward areas where cool-water springs enter a lake. Warmer temperatures just plain stress them out, and fish exceeding 10 pounds or so hightail it for cooler options, in areas where most pike anglers don’t fish. Thus, when you fish classic weedbeds, deep weedlines and shallow structures during midsummer, the biggest pike simply may not be around.

Spiny waterflea confirmed in Lake Vermilion

Spiny waterflea has been confirmed in Lake Vermilion in northern Minnesota. Anglers reported suspected spiny waterfleas to Department of Natural Resources staff and supplied a specimen to the DNR fisheries office in Tower, where it was positively identified.

AnglingBuzz: Timing is Often Key to Summer Fishing Success

“I been in the right place…but it must have been the wrong time.”—Dr. John Dr. John must have spent a fair amount of time in the boat, because his lyrics apply remarkably well to summer walleye fishing. In summer, being “there” when the bite occurs is huge.

MN DNR question of the week: Hammer-handle northerns

Q: It seems like there are a lot of small hammer-handle pike where I fish. Is this true across Minnesota?

[VIDEO] AnglingBuzz: Jigging Rapalas Trigger Walleye Strikes

The erratic darting action of Jigging Rapalas triggers walleye strikes during the heat of summer.

AnglingBuzz: Countdown to suspended crappies in summer

Believe it or not, crappies are fairly predictable and easy to catch throughout the summer months if you understand their behavior.

AnglingBuzz: Supersize! - Use bigger baits to catch bigger pike

Much has been said recently about the overall decrease in the size of northern pike throughout Minnesota in the past 20 years. To combat this trend, the Minnesota DNR is proposing innovative management strategies designed to reduce the numbers of "hammer handle" northerns in many waters, while simultaneously limiting the harvest of larger pike. The end goal is having more big pike available for anglers to catch.

[VIDEO] Locating Catfish in rivers

Channel catfish in rivers relate to current breaks and cover associated with deep holes. Anchor just upstream from key fish attractors and use deadbeat rigs to coax fish into biting.

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